May 2024

ARIMEX CSR 2023: A Healthier and Safer Future

Arimex has launched its CSR 2023 Review, highlighting the year's most significant corporate responsibility initiatives. This past year saw numerous efforts to promote healthy lifestyles, increase the use of sustainable packaging, and calculate the company's CO2 footprint. Arimex products achieved the highest level of food safety certification.

In 2023, Arimex's responsible activities were guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The company prioritized product and process quality, public health, environmentally friendly consumption, sustainable energy, and economic stability.

"2023 has been a year of contrasts, immense change, and uncertainty. Wars, political instability, humanitarian crises, and economic turmoil promise unpredictability. However, this doesn't mean we must halt our progress. On the contrary, we view each day as a new opportunity to build stronger relationships, foster healthier communities, and create a brighter future for generations to come," said Arnas Jurskis, Founder and CEO of Arimex.

Focus on Quality and Environmental Sustainability

Last year, Arimex's dedication to ensuring the highest quality of its products was recognized with the prestigious BRCGS AA+ certification standard. Only two companies of similar size in Lithuania hold this food safety certification, placing Arimex among the elite. This rating demonstrates that Arimex's commitment to food safety aligns with global best practices.

Arimex also implemented CO2 footprint calculations, showing successful year-on-year reductions in CO2 emissions, resulting in one of the lowest pollution intensities in the market compared to other manufacturers in the category. The company continued to supply recyclable packaging and plans to increase the number of recyclable packaging units by 50% in 2024. These packages, made of 100% recyclable plastic, save approximately 10% of energy costs in production and reduce the carbon footprint by up to 30%.

Arimex pursued green solutions for electricity, gas, and CO2 reduction in space and water heating in natural resource conservation. This effort led to the launch of a solar power project, with a 500 kW solar power plant set for 2024, ensuring 100% green electricity use.

Motivation to Live Healthier

In 2023, Arimex made significant contributions to promoting healthy lifestyle habits. The national project "Dviratynės" was launched, where the most famous Lithuanian cyclists taught around 1,000 children how to cycle safely. The project visited six Lithuanian cities, fostering a strong cycling and active lifestyle community and promoting a friendly cycling culture.

The values of a quality lifestyle have continued to be promoted within the company. Arimex's cycling and hiking clubs had a particularly active season, with employees covering more than 3,000 kilometres of hiking during the year. The ARIMEX team covered 300 km in the Vätternrundan ride in Sweden, and a team of girls' cyclists took part in the 100 km women's ride Minam100. In total, employees had the opportunity to take part in 30 healthy lifestyle events. 

For a Happier Childhood

Arimex completed a 1.5-year project to improve a family's home under the care of "Save the Children." The team installed new windows, refurbished the house facade, and made other necessary adjustments. In 2024, the project will continue to support this family and focus on aiding another family by renovating their home.

Volunteering and social support were further exemplified by Tomas Rasčiukas, an Arimex employee who initiated a campaign to encourage the public to wear reflectors following a tragic event. Tomas distributed 1,000 reflectors, purchased with the company's support, to improve safety.

The ARIMEX 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Review can be found [here] (English version [here]).