March 2022

Arimex supports Ukraine with thousands of units of production and suspends purchases of raw materials from Russia

Arimex, the market leader in nuts and dried fruits in the Baltic and Nordic region, stands along many initiatives helping the people of Ukraine, with thousands of products already dispatched to the war-torn country. Arimex has also decided to suspend imports of one of its raw materials - cedar pine - from Russia and no longer buy raw materials from Russia in the future.

"We strive not only to prove our foundational business principles with loud words but also with deeds, therefore, we contribute in the best way we can. In cooperation with organizations aiding Ukraine, we support Ukrainian soldiers and people surviving the horrors of war who have found asylum in Lithuania. From the beginning of the war, we have shown solidarity with the businesses that are imposing sanctions on Russia by stopping the import of raw materials from this country. We believe that our support will reach everyone who needs it the most,” says Arnas Jurskis, the founder and CEO of Arimex.

Three batches of nutritious, long-lasting nuts and dried fruits without added sugar have already been dispatched to war-torn Ukraine. The production has reached people living in the metro stations of Kharkiv. It is estimated that the production dispatched will be enough to ensure a daily ration of nuts for about 30 000 people. About half a ton of nuts has reached the Ukrainian soldiers, as well as more than 100 Ukrainian children who are currently located in the Lithuanian town of Kulautuva.

According to Arimex representatives, Ukraine was an important supplier of walnuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds to Arimex before the war.

"In the circumstances of the war, it is more important than ever to deliver the products to the required points as soon as possible. That is why, in cooperation with support organizations, we work as swiftly as possible, preparing the production in a few hours so that it reaches the people of Ukraine as quickly as possible. We do not lose hope that we will be able to continue working with Ukraine in the future."