Public Relations


This year, a new record was reached in Vilnius, commemorating World Bicycle Day, with as many as 51 employees out of 90 coming to work on bicycles. Not only cycling enthusiasts but also newcomers successfully overcame many kilometres, united by excitement and great motivation. Arimex has improved its previous result recorded less than a month ago when 36 people arrived to work on bicycles at the same time.

The first record for Arimex is just a step towards even more ambitious measures and goals to improve the health of employees. “Healthy, exercising people are happier, they smile more, have more motivation and desire to achieve results, which is undoubtedly a benefit not only for the company, but also for society. Therefore, by our model we want to encourage others to join and live actively in sport. One of the most important goals was to encourage and motivate others to join the initiative and to benefit from the movement of bicycles,” said Gražvydas Jukna, the manager of the company, who took the challenge together with the team.

Some Arimex team members had to travel as many as 20 km further away from the centre from home to the workplace, so most active cycling enthusiasts were preparing ahead of time and planning to go to work early in the morning. Cyclists were delighted to avoid traffic jams and came to work full of energy. “Everyone was in a great mood and this is certainly not the last challenge of our team. We want to be better, the first, more diverse and faster in all meanings,” said Mr. Jukna.

We invite other companies, organisations and active people to join and exchange the car for a much healthier vehicle – the bicycle – thus not only protecting nature but also improving well-being!