Public Relations


A healthy lifestyle around the world is no longer a fashion, but a daily routine. Understanding the benefits not only of quality food but also of physical movement, we invite you to opt for a bicycle instead of a car. In order to stimulate healthy lifestyle not only among our employees but also among all Vilnius residents, we donated stationary bicycle pumps for public use to Vilnius residents, in the squares of Europos and Kudirkos in the capital of Lithuania.

One of our most important goals is to promote the physical activity of our citizens. For a number of seasons Arimex employees have been encouraged to go to work on bicycles, although the company is situated far from the city centre (more than 20 km), but it is not an obstacle for bicycle enthusiasts. Employees are happy because they have more energy at work after exercising in the morning. Colleagues encourage each other to join the initiative and to lead a healthier life. Some of them even playfully compete between themselves as to which of them cycles more kilometres during the season.