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There is more than one benefit of cycling – health, cleaner air, less traffic jams, and of course, dozens of savings and maybe even earned euro!

For the fifth time in a row, Arimex has invited its employees to join the challenge of cycling every day, thus promoting health and earning extra money. At the end of the season, special prizes will be awarded to the company's enthusiasts who have overcome the highest distance. Last year, 13 people took part in the project, and they travelled a distance of 13,523 kilometres! The goal in 2019 is to overcome a distance of 16,362 kilometres together with colleagues (equal to Tokyo and back), symbolising the Tokyo Games to be held in 2020.

“It is important for us to engage employees in health promotion and to motivate them. This is why we organise cycling seasons, where the team can observe the process, tracking how many kilometres are left to the target, simply on the office screen. In addition, the staff receive healthy, balanced meals and free weekly exercising twice a week. Officers are equipped with a fitness area to relax from the work routine and move. Of course, one of the key priorities is the emotional health of our employees, which is why we pay much attention to meetings, conversations and events,” says the company director Gražvydas Jukna.

Therefore, leave your doubts, take the challenge and invite your colleagues to contribute to health from tomorrow: travel to work on a bike and enjoy nature!